Fragmented Collective – Connect

Fragment Collective based is Glasgow are a Collage and Mixed Media Community. This year for World Collage Day they asked artists to respond to the theme of ‘Hope’ for an online exhibition. I loved the theme and wanted to use symbols from nature to portray this message.

Before the pandemic I travelled a lot for work but have now been at home for over a year due to the pandemic. A wonderful part of that has been seeing the seasons change in one place and exploring what the countryside and area around us have to offer. Exploring nature is such a positive, uplifting, calming experience. It fills us with hope.

I have used images of nature to create a bird of peace. The images emanating from a  central representation of a globe that is painted to represent the sun. A reference to our inner light we can resonate out of ourselves. Life energy strength and influence. The birds head has a rainbow radiating out of it symbolising patience and better days to come and of course our wonderful NHS who have worked tirelessly to bring us all hope for the future. 
The background has positive messages taken from magazines and newspapers backed by triangles with images representing the seasons and shape giving the alchemical symbols of fire and water representing passion and love, restart and growth. I want this collage to remind us that we are all connected as well as being connected with our world around us. To have hope we need to look after each other and the world.

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Noels Art Club – Galaxy

This piece was produced for Noel Fieldings Art Club in Lockdown in April 2020. Noel ran his art club through instagram. Setting the theme on a Saturday morning and leaving people to create there art for a few hours sharing any entries that came in to his stories. He had a famous guest judge each week who would judge a winner and a runner up who would recieve a prize.